New Artist Of The Week – Chance The Rapper

Posted: December 9, 2013 by woody in Artist of the Week, Music
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A couple weeks ago I had Vic Mensa as the artist of the week. Figured it was only appropriate to put his slightly more famous boy Chance up this week. Another former artist of the week Rapsody, who in my opinion has the mixtape of the year with her efforts on She Got Game, came out this morning and declared that her vote for mixtape of the year would go to Chance’s Acid Rap, the mixtape that blew up on the internet earlier this year and vaulted Chance onto the scene. That’s high praise coming from the likes of Rapsody, who despite not being that famous, absolutely knows her shit. That just adds to the appropriateness of me making Chance this weeks featured artist. So anyways, Chance hails from Chicago, IL. Prior to his critically acclaimed Acid Rap mixtape, Chance released his debut mixtape 10 Day, which he recorded during the 10 day suspension he received his senior year in high school. I have to admit, the first time I heard Chance, I wasn’t his biggest fan. His high-pitched vocals and ad libs initially threw my off. But after a couple listens, I was able to get passed that stuff, and began to start realizing this dude can fucking spit. He viciously attacks beats like not many can. Here’s one of his earlier songs that I just discovered while going through some of his shit on YouTube. It’s called “Brain Cells”, and you can find it on his 10 Day mixtape. Love the vintage look of the video too. Enjoy folks.


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