Glen “Big Baby” Davis Now Weighs The Same As He Did When He Was In Eighth Grade. PAH!

Posted: December 6, 2013 by woody in NBA, Sports
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Yahoo! News:

For as long as he’s been a public figure, Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis has been known mostly for the combination of his weight and basketball skill. As a college star at LSU, Davis won hearts and minds as a mobile, versatile player who just happened to be well over 300 pounds. With the Boston Celtics and now the Orlando Magic, Davis has proven that he can succeed at the highest level of basketball even if he’s more than a smidge overweight.

However, Davis has also committed to improving his shape, to the point where he’s now reached something of a milestone. Amazingly, he weighs the lightest he has since the eighth grade. From John Denton for


Yup. You read that right. This is “Big Baby” today.



Standing at 6’9, Davis has played the majority of his NBA career around 330 lbs. When he was in high school, he ballooned to as big as 370 lbs. When he fractured his foot back in January on what seemed to be a harmless play, causing him to miss 10 months of basketball, he realized that enough was enough, and it was time to lose some weight. Well, considering he dropped 33 the other night in Philly, I’d say that he made the right choice. Although the Magic officially list him at 289, Davis said that he is right at the 300 lb mark. So yes, that means that Big Baby was a big ass mother fucking 8th grader. I guess he was banned from his Pee Wee football league when he was younger, because he was “too big”. He also reportedly was wrestling with Shaq one day when he was 13 and managed to pin the Big Aristotle, an incredible feat in itself. Anyways, big ups to the big guy for dropping down to 300 lbs, even though that is a weight that most people would never want to see. I’ve always liked Davis as a basketball player. Great hustle guy, who is a beast on the boards and inside the paint despite being shorter than most of the players who play his position.

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