Yahoo! News:

AMSTERDAM — After more than a decade out of work because of a back injury and chronic alcoholism, Fred Schiphorst finally landed a job last year and is determined to keep it. He gets up at 5:30 a.m., walks his dog and then puts on a red tie, ready to clean litter from the streets of eastern Amsterdam.

“You have to look sharp,” said Mr. Schiphorst, 60, a former construction worker.

His workday begins unfailingly at 9 a.m. — with two cans of beer, a down payment on a salary paid mostly in alcohol. He gets two more cans at lunch and then another can or, if all goes smoothly, two to round off a productive day.

“I’m not proud of being an alcoholic, but I am proud to have a job again,” said Mr. Schiphorst, the grateful beneficiary of an unusual government-funded program to lure alcoholics off the streets by paying them in beer to pick up trash.


I feel like everyday I’m putting up a story that makes me hate America more and more. This idea is fucking full-proof. Have a problem with homeless alcoholics? Simple solution. Pay them beer to clean up the city. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. Not only do all the homeless alcoholics seem to disappear during the day, but the city gets cleaner. Every city in America needs this. Paying someone to work all day with just a 6 pack? That’s nothing compared to what people should be getting paid to do the work these alcoholics are doing. Granted, they do also get free lunch, half a pack of rolling tobacco, and 10 euros of spending money, but still, even with all those things, they’re still working for much less than what anyone else would be working for. Figure it the fuck out America.



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