This Guy Who Admittedly Cheated In A Marathon In Singapore Is Pathetic

Posted: December 5, 2013 by woody in Actual News, Sports
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Yahoo! News:

Singapore (AFP) – A pastry chef who stunned Singapore marathon organisers by being the first local runner across the finish line admitted he cheated — and has been doing so for years, a report said Thursday.

Father-of-one Tam Chua Puh, 43, caused consternation when he finished Sunday’s race several minutes ahead of Singapore’s finest distance athletes in a time of 2hr 46min.

However, Tam admitted he had run only six kilometres (3.7 miles) of the 42km race before giving up due to knee pain and taking a short cut straight to the finish line.

Bespectacled Tam, wearing a baseball cap, baggy shorts and a knee brace, was initially declared the winner before organizers, after a hasty check, disqualified him for missing all the check points.


Talk about hitting an all time low. First of all, running marathons is for pussies. Not to say that I could run one, because I would probably take about 3 weeks to run one in the current shape I’m in, but that’s just because I do nothing except for pouring drinks at work, drinking drinks after work, and mixing in a little bit of sitting in front of a computer and sitting in front of a TV in-between the two. Honestly the only form of exercise I get other than doing 12 oz. curls is having sex. But do you think I care? Nope. If I wanted to put one foot in front of another for an expended period of time, then I could easily run a marathon. I just have no desire to. Play a real sport. To quote the great Kenny Powers, “I’m not trying to be the best exercising”. Anyways, not only was this the first time this guy cheated, but apparently “has been doing it for years”. Who the fuck cheats at running? Tam Chua Puh I guess. Sick name by the way bro. And, he only ran 6km. It was a fucking 42km race. For those of you non math wiz’s out there, that’s 1/7 of the race. Pathetic. That guy should rethink living his life. And how about the judges declaring him the winner, before realizing that he missed literally all of the check points. Every single one of them. How do you miss something like that at first? Tam had this to say, “I am sorry if I offended anyone. I never thought I would create so much inconvenience for the organizers”. Oh, you didn’t think that skipping practically the entire race just to get a t-shirt and medal would cause an inconvenience? Yea prolly. Go play in traffic Tam.


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