Jameis Winston Better Not Get Charged

Posted: December 5, 2013 by snipe in Sports
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ESPN – TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — The prosecutor overseeing the investigation of sexual assault allegations against Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston said Wednesday his office is ready to deliver its findings.

State Attorney Willie Meggs has scheduled a news conference at 2 p.m. ET on Thursday in his office to make the announcement. Meggs said investigators have learned as much as they can about the December 2012 incident.

Winston, who was named the ACC Player of the Year on Wednesday, has led the Seminoles to the No. 1 ranking, and they will play for a conference title Saturday, with a shot at the national crown.

The quarterback also is the leading candidate for the Heisman Trophy, and many voters are waiting to see whether Winston will be charged with a crime before casting their ballots. The deadline for Heisman ballots to be turned in is Monday.

ESPN has previously reported that DNA belonging to Winston was found in the underwear of the accuser. A lawyer for Winston has suggested that the star quarterback and the accuser had consensual sex. But the family of the victim has accused the 19-year-old of rape.

Meggs has said he wanted to make sure prosecutors completed a thorough investigation before making a final decision. He has also said several times that it’s up to prosecutors to determine whether there is a “reasonable” chance of conviction.

The fact that Meggs has scheduled a news conference — as opposed to getting a warrant for Winston’s arrest — could be seen as a sign that he will not file charges.


(Let’s look at that last line as a glimmer of hope)


So the big news today is gonna be announced at 2:00 on ESPN when some asshole in Backwardsville, Florida will tell us whether or not they decided to believe that bitch that lied about getting raped by Jamies Winston. Now before I say anything let me say this. Rape is easily the most heinous crime known to man not even close except for cold blooded murder. Straight up disgusting and absolutely incomprehensible act of violence that causes a lifetime of pain and suffering. And no, I’m not a fucking judge or investigator or whatever and I don’t the exact specifics of this “case.”

That being said let me say this. There is absolutely 100% no chance on God’s green earth that Jameis Winston raped said girl. Zero percent times a billion which is technically still zero but you get the point. Think about it. Of all the horrific rape stories you’ve ever heard have you EVER heard of a girl waiting and ENTIRE YEAR to press charges? No. Because if a woman is raped she immediately gets that motherfucker locked up and rightfully so. This is as smeared as a smear campaign could possibly be and it’s blatantly obvious. I don’t know why or what or how this story even came to be but the mere fact it took this long for this girl to decide to press charges coincidentally during Winston’s charge for the Heisman and a National Championship is way too obvious to be true.

I’ve watched Jameis play 4-5 times this year and he is obviously a special player. Let’s just hope this is all put to rest today and Ohio State loses this weekend so FSU gets to play an SEC team in the BCS Championship. If there is a higher power, all of the above will happen.


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