How About These Sick Fucks Skiing And Snowboarding Naked

Posted: December 5, 2013 by woody in Fun, Sports
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Hahahaha. Shout out to the absolute dickhead named Halas who lives at the bottom of my road for sending me the link to this. Watching this is probably the best way to spend 2 minutes and 38 seconds that I can think of. Boobies and butts for days. Dongs too, but who cares. It’s 2013. Gay is so in. Seriously how psycho do you have to be to do this though. Eating shit while skiing/snowboarding is bad enough. I wouldn’t even want to think about what that would feel like butt ass naked. This reminds me of back in the day when me and my buddies would play this game called S-N-O-W. Basically the same concept as H-O-R-S-E, except instead of shooting a basketball, we all were in my friends hot tub and each person would take their turn running out into the snow and doing random bullshit, like somersaulting down the hill in the snow, or making snow angels for 30 seconds, etc. You get the point. If someone bitched out or couldn’t finish the task, then they would get a letter. Going from playing in the snow in your boxers to jumping back into 100+ degree water is probably the not the best thing you could do for your body, but compared to what I put my body through nowadays, that’s fucking child’s play. Naked skiing/snowboarding for the undeniable win.

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