Fantasy Football: Coffee Talk

Posted: December 5, 2013 by snipe in Sports
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So my brotha from anotha Jackson is in a fantasy league with a bunch of our buddies and he does a weekly video recap of the matchups and what not. Pretty funny shit. Woody knows Jackson a little. Kid is a complete riot. Loves fantasy sports and puts aside time every week to talk a little shit about the rest of the league and give a state of the union type of address. Me and him are thinking about doing some sort of little video bullshit every week so if we do I’ll post them accordingly.

So anyways, he asked me if I wanted to come be a special guest so we could have a little fun with it and I figured you’d all enjoy a little look inside the minds of two complete idiots.

And, for any of you who haven’t seen le snipe in the flesh well, get a fresh pair of undies ready cuz it’s about to be slushy city in your pants. Sit back and enjoy 15 minutes of utter nonsense.


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