Jacoby Ellsbury: We’ll See Ya, Be Good

Posted: December 4, 2013 by snipe in Sports
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Listen, I’m not gonna sit here and rant and rave about loyalty and taking less money and Scott Boris and all that shit. This is the world we live in. Athletes are gonna take more money a billion out of a billion times. Doesn’t matter if it’s their biggest rival or if it’s on fucking mars. Just the world we live in these days.

That being said. I could give a fuck about Jacoby leaving. He helped us win. He did his job here. If he thinks he’s worth that money then so be it. Let that be the Yankees problem. I’d much rather use our free cap space to sign some other guys and fill some other holes in ways that have proven to work. Build around team guys and proven winners. Maybe get a guy like Beltran or that crazy Asian guy from the Reds.

Fact of the matter is that if you thought the Sox were ever resigning Ellsbury after Boris made it clear that he wanted 7 years then you’re remedial at best.

If it’s Jackie Bradley time then it’s Jackie Bradley time but don’t think for a second that Ben isn’t planning something diabolical. Stay tuned.


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