That Guy Jordan Lynch Is Pretty Good At Football

Posted: November 27, 2013 by woody in Sports
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In case you have been living under a rock, or just aren’t that big of a college football fan, there’s a guy out in Illinois who is pretty alright at being a quarterback. Northern Illinois to be exact. Back in October, Lynch set the FBS single-game rushing record for a quarterback when he ran for 316 yards against Central Michigan. Well, last night, in 17 degree weather, ice cold winds, and occasional snowfall, Lynch was at it again. Shitty weather conditions for throwing the football would normally would throw a QB off. Not Jordan Lynch. He just says “fuck it, two weeks”, and rushes for 321 yards, breaking his own record that he set a little over a month ago. He had three rushing touchdowns on the night, one 29-yarder, one 36-yarder, and one 37-yarder. He also added a 10-yard touchdown pass. No big deal. Just another day at the office for Lynch. This kid has every right to be right there in the Heisman conversation, I don’t care if he plays in the MAC. The guy can flat out play football. He is a winner. He is a leader. And he is a beast. Take a look for yourself.


A little pissed I couldn’t find a better highlight reel from this year, but I work with what I’m given. Get it together YouTube.

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