moment of silence…

Posted: November 26, 2013 by snipe in Sports

I’m gonna keep this relatively short. This Derrick Rose saga is becoming one of the most unfortunate happenings in the history of the NBA, and maybe sports as a whole. #1 overall pick. MVP his 3rd year in the league. Huge Adidas deal. Guy had the world by the balls. And just like that, his career could effectively be over. At least as the player he once was. It’s hard to believe we will ever see THAT D-Rose ever again. And that’s fucking sad. He was a truly transcendent player and one of the few guys who could lead a team that would be able to get past the Heat in the East. A job that is now going to be left to Paul George and the Pacers.

Regardless, I think we all need to realize that we lost a potential all-time great for yet another season and, more than likely, forever. It hits extra close to home for me because he and I were literally born 20 minutes apart. That’s right, me and D-Rose are the exact same age. Which basically means we’re the same person. Which obviously means we are of the same talent level. Science.

Enjoy this video because you will most likely never see THIS guy play at THIS caliber ever again. Such a shame. Fuckin’ sports man.




Sidenote: I’ve heard a lot of chatter saying that the #1 is cursed and it’s scary accurate. Penny. T-Mac. Amare. D-Rose. All four of those guys were absolutely dominant before their knees said fuck you and decided to die. Why didn’t they do what I did and call it quits and gain 20 pounds and chug beers 5 nights a week and complain about sports? Maybe if they had thought it out in such a responsible manner their knees would still work and they could dominate men’s league like a real athlete.


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