What On Earth Is This Ladies Deal?

Posted: November 25, 2013 by woody in Fun
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I have never been more confused/terrified/amused in my life. I honestly have no idea what is going on here. I don’t even know how I stumbled on this video on YouTube. Its like the internet gods just wanted me to find this so they just threw it up on the “related videos” section of a J. Cole song. Couple things here. 1) Who the fuck laughs like that. I’ve been to my fair share of parties in life and I’m 100% certain that nobody has ever laughed as ridiculously as that. 2) Whats up with all her fucking hand motions? Do less. 3) This kind of goes with #2, but at the 0:37 mark is it me or does she just start deep throating someones cock in the middle of her fake party? Couldn’t be any other explanation for what is going on there. At least sneak off into a bathroom or a bedroom or something. Clean it up woman. And finally, 4) Someone find out if fucking Julie is being serious or not because I won’t be able to sleep at night without knowing. Like at first I figured, no way could this be real. No shot. But then I thought to myself, hey, self, who practices their laughing by hosting a fake party by themselves? And that’s when I realized that only an absolute dweeb would do that. I would bet the house on the fact that Julie has never even been invited to a party. All in all this was an excellent unexpected discovery, and I’m glad that I got the chance to share this outrageous video with the world.


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