New Artist of the Week – One Be Lo

Posted: November 25, 2013 by woody in Artist of the Week, Music
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Good morning. Welcome to another week in the mind of a sick fuck, me. Without divulging too much, just wanted to let you guys know that you’re in for a surprise in the next few days. Can’t say much else, but you’re certainly in for a treat. Anyways, on to the music. For all you real hip hop heads out there, you might have heard One Be Lo before, but probably didn’t realize you were listening to him. He is best known for his work in one of the best rap duos of all time, Binary Star. But even they are not very well known to your every day music fan, or even your average rap fan for that matter. Since his work in Binary Star, he has released a number of very well relieved solo albums over the years. 6 albums since 2005 to be exact. This first track is off of his album L.A.B.O.R, which was released in 2011. “L.A.B.O.R” stands for “Language Arts Based On Reality”. All of his album titles are done in this manor, with some everyday word written in acronym form, with a deeper meaning behind the word. Anyways, here is “Rabbit Food”, which not only has a very different but very dope beat, but is one of the best examples of the concept of “play on words” that I have ever heard on a hip hop song. Enjoy.


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