Meet Tony Picard, AKA “Big Ton”. He is a running back at White Swan High School in Washington. So what’s so special about Picard that allowed him to receive the nickname “Big Ton”. Well, I’d say a pretty big factor was the fact that he’s 6’4, 400 lbs. Yea, 400 lbs. AKA approximately 100 lbs bigger than William “The The Refrigerator” Perry. Not to mention, he’s still in high school.


Okay, so he’s not the quickest guy in the world, but when you outweigh basically everyone on the field by at least 200 lbs, I’m pretty sure speed is the least of your worries. There is no way once this team gets to 1st and goal that they don’t score a touchdown every single time right? Like, just hand the ball off to Big Ton and have him run straight. Nothing else to it. If he can’t get 10 yards on 4 carries then he should probably just call it quits and take up sumo wrestling. Or being professionally fat. I have no idea what this kids future holds though, because unless he learns how to run better than a 7.3 40 (generous estimation), just being 400 lbs isn’t going to cut it at the next level. You won’t be running against 180 lb linebackers named Thadeus at the next level Big Ton, hate to break it to you pal.


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