Vic Mensa ft. Rockie Fresh & Beldina – Time Is Money

Posted: November 19, 2013 by woody in Artist of the Week, Music
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One more song from INNANETAPE for today. With an assist from Beldina on the vocals on the chorus, and a dope third verse from MMG artist Rockie Fresh, we get a more introspective song from Vic, mostly revolving around the idea of money and everything that comes with it. As he appropriately reminds us in the chorus, “make money, but the money you make don’t make you”. Wise words from a kid who is only 19 years of age. It’s good to know kids from the younger generation still can come out of their teens with a real view on life, despite everything that they have working against them with the media, and society as a whole really. Also, never really fucked with Rockie Fresh, but I was a pretty impressed with his verse. Definitely left me with a desire to check out some more songs from him.


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