What up world. Sorry to leave y’all hanging for a couple weeks there, but your boy is back. First up, lets get you guys some dope ass new music. Introducing Vic Mensa. This young MC hails from Chicago. He was part of a band, Kids These Days, that received label attention and even performed at Lollapalooza in 2011. Earlier this year, he announced the decision to turn into a solo artist as part of the Save Money collective. However, he hasn’t received too much buzz to this point because of his fellow crew member Chance The Rapper has been much more popular in the eyes of the masses. But, if you know me and are a fan of this site, then you know that that doesn’t really mean shit. Vic should not be slept on. He recently released his debut mixtape, INNANETAPE, which I happened to think was even better than Chance’s debut mixtape, Acid Rap. Vic has a knack for switching up his flows throughout his songs, but never falls off beat. No matter what kind of flow he decides to go with, he also never fails to rap his ass off. Anyways, on to the music. Here’s the first song I ever heard from him, “Holy Holy”, with a guest verse from Ab-Soul and some vocals from the very talented BJ The Chicago Kid. Enjoy.



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