Throwback Thursdays

Posted: October 10, 2013 by woody in Music, Throwback Thursdays
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Before you knew him as the braided, mostly corny host of “Pimp My Ride”, Xzibit was actually a pretty dope rapper. Plus, throwing Em on a track automatically brings it up a couple notches. “Don’t Approach Me” is a banger of a song which is a great depiction of the bullshit rappers have to deal with sometimes, not that I feel bad for them. I wouldn’t mind having those problems, but you can hear the emotion behind their rhymes throughout the whole song. I always crack up when Em says, “and I’m the bad guy cuz I don’t answer my door like ‘hey, hi. You guys want some autographs? Ok, form a straight line!”. Enjoy folks. That’s it for me today.

  1. Adam Boone says:

    Loved your site man, mix of sports and humor! If you ever want to come and write for us at let us know, we would love to have you. Contact me at

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