Some Bro Gets Crushed To Death By 1,110 Lbs Of Weed

Posted: October 7, 2013 by woody in Actual News
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Okay so since I took last week off, I have a bit of catching up to do, so forgive me if some of these stories are a little old, I was just keeping tabs on shit that I found blog worthy throughout the week. Here was one of my favorites. Some fucking loser in Brazil died when he was crushed to death by over 1,000 pounds of his own weed. Probably not the smartest move in the world, but definitely one of the best ways to go. The incident, which took place in Bataguassu, Brazil, came to be when cops tried to pull over the man, who remains unnamed for the time being, and he refused since he had, well a shit ton of weed on him, that he was going to try to make a run for it. He led police on a high speed chase down the highway for a few miles before losing control of his car and veering off the road and crashing into a tree. He would have been fine, except when he hit the tree, the 1,100 pounds of weed that he had in the back of his car shot forward and crushed his body. Yea prolly bro. Talk about getting no respect from the dead, imagine having to tell people you died by getting crushed to death by fucking weed. Dude is gonna get no dead pussy. Just to kick the dude while he’s down, here’s a picture of the crime scene.



Side note – I did have a whole plethora of shit I was gonna write about today, but my dumb idiot red headed partner in crime just showed up my house saying he got off work early cuz of the rain. So I guess that means its time to drink instead. I’ll get back to y’all tomorrow. Much love.


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