This is the definition of a throwback track. Jagged Edge. Nelly. “Where The Party At”. Back when music videos were music videos, and you could parachute onto a beach full of beautiful women touching themselves while rocking an orange jumpsuit, and no one would think twice about it. When this song dropped back in 2001, I would go absolute buck wild to it on bus rides to school. Obviously I sat in the back seat because that’s where the cool kids sat. Smart. All I wanna know is, as the title appropriately points out, where this party is at right now. Like, does shit like this actually happen? Where do they find these girls. Are there that many smoke shows that no one knows about in the world? I gotta get the fuck out of Kent. Damn.

  1. I am the 9th Wonder says:

    can we just acknowledge that uh oh was a real thing back then? think about it…

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