The Best Kick-Pass In A Football Game You’ll See Today

Posted: September 24, 2013 by woody in Sports
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So Eastern Kentucky unveiled one of their gem’s from the old trick-playbook in Saturday’s game vs. Morehead St. Now I know what you’re probably thinking, “how the hell is that legal? And if it is, why haven’t I ever seen it in a game before”. Well, there’s a couple parts to that answer. First of all, it is legal. The only catch (pun intended) is that the receiver has to get the ball before the line of scrimmage, or else the ball would be down where the player caught it. As for why you don’t see this very often, well, to put it simply, its fucking hard to do. You have to have a punter with some very accurate foot skills that can put the ball where he wants to at any given moment. You also have to have a receiver who can stay behind the line of scrimmage, while still making it seem like it’s just your every day punt. Also a very hard thing to do. Most teams would just as soon as opt to do a normal fake-punt that involves a regular pass or a run, or some variation of both. Now, I’m all for trick plays. Absolutely fucking love it. It’s what makes sports sports, and especially football football. But that doesn’t stop me from having a very big problem with the fact that Eastern Kentucky pulled this trick play off. There was 5 minutes left in the game, and they were UP by 18 points. Pretty much a guaranteed win at that point. Now you just put on film for everyone to see a great trick play that could be a huge play in a close game. Once you show someone a trick play once, everyone has film of it and can prepare for it. Not the smartest move of all time Eastern Kentucky. Figure it out guys.


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