Absolutely love everything about this. According to reports, although the NBA has yet to officially announce anything, there will be a few teams that will be sporting nicknames on the back of their jerseys instead of player names. In the past, there has been plenty of PR moves to come up with fresh new jerseys to generate more sales. These include uniforms to honor Latin heritage, retro reissues, short-sleeved jerseys, rebrands and redesigns, and a whole shit ton of “alternate” uniforms. Well, now it looks like we have two teams who will be testing out this new “nickname” idea and see what happens. It’s looking like those two teams to test out new waters will be the Miami Heat and the Brooklyn Nets, who will reportedly wear the uniforms each of the four time they meet this upcoming year. There are enough stars on those two teams to warrant trying this out. “King James” “Flash” “Birdman” “Shuttleworth” “Pothead” “Mr. Glass” “Like A Bosh” are some that come to mind for the Heat. That’s Lebron, D-Wade, Chris Anderson, Ray Allen, Michael Beasley, Greg Oden, and Chris Bosh for those of you who didn’t quite get all of that. “The Truth” “KG” “The Jet” “AK47” “D-Will” are some others of the top of the head that I can think of for the Nets. Again, that’s Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Jason Terry, Andre Kirilenko, and Deron Williams for those of you who are less fortunate. Aside from those, it leaves the door wide open for people to start coming up with hilarious nicknames for each other. However, to avoid this becoming an absolute train wreck of an idea, we must keep in mind one of the 10 most absolute rules of life, according to me at least, which is that you don’t get to choose your own nickname. Ever. So if we can just have team votes on what each other player’s nickname should be, I think this could be fucking hilarious. As much as I despise the Heat and everything about them, I would have a hard time not going out and buying a “Birdman” jersey. Easily one of my favorite players of all time. NBA, congratulations on getting something right for once. Don’t screw this up. Here’s a look at what some of the jerseys would look like.

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