Broncos RB’s Played “Rock, Paper, Scissors” To Decide Who Would Get The Opportunity To Score On TD Run

Posted: September 24, 2013 by woody in Fun, NFL, Sports
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Hahaha. I saw this on twitter earlier and felt that I should throw up a quick blurb about this, because it defines being awesome. There was a play in last night’s Monday Night Football game which resulted in the refs deliberating for a while about whether or not Bronco’s RB Ronnie Hillman made it into the end zone or was down just short. As the refs talked it over, a high stakes game of rock, paper, scissors was being played on the Denver sideline. The Broncos boast a trio of talented RB’s that they have been splitting touches with over the first three games of the season in Knowshawn Moreno, Montee Ball, and the aforementioned Hillman. So what better way to figure out who would get the attempt at the 1-yd TD run then play a good old fashioned game of rock, paper, scissors. As it turns out, the refs ruled him short of the end zone, so the game carried some weight, especially for two of my fantasy teams which have Moreno. Apparently Moreno through down rock, but did it prematurely, so he was disqualified. Thanks a lot Moreno, you’re lucky my other players picked up the slack where you fucked up and I didn’t lose with any of those teams. However, props for throwing rock, that’s my go to. So that left Ball and Hillman. Ball through paper and Hillman through scissors. So Hillman took the field, then the handoff from Peyton, and ended up with another TD on his resume. Love that they didn’t go with something stupid like “seniority” or letting the coaches decide. Rock, paper, scissors is one of those games that is the end all or be all of any argument or decision. Once the game is played, all outcomes are final. That’s another rule of life, according to me. That list will be coming out shortly since I’ve already given you two today.


PS – Peyton Manning is pretty good at football. Just casually on pace to throw 6,096 yards, 64 touchdowns, and 0 interceptions. No big deal. Remember when no one wanted to give him a chance coming off neck surgery? Look who’s laughing now. Fucking idiots.


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