Looks Like I Found My New House When The World Comes To An End

Posted: September 12, 2013 by woody in Actual News, Fun
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Boom. And there we have it folks. My new casa whenever we all decide to nuke the fuck out of each other or mother nature says “enough is enough” and puts an end to our civilization. You can catch me chilling 26 feet underground in this beautiful 16,000 square foot estate just a few miles outside the Vegas strip. So once the coast is clear, I can just go have the run of the town in Vegas. There’s 3 bedrooms, bathrooms, n kitchens, so a couple of y’all are welcome to join me as long as you pass my rigorous “test of worthiness”. Its got a pool, a hot tub, fucking spas, a fake sky and yard and scenery, lighting to replicate the time of day, a fucking BBQ with ventilation to let the smoke be released above ground. What the hell else could you ask for. You could sustain life for 10-15 years down there? Sign me up. That gives me plenty of time to let all chemicals from the nukes work their way out of the Earth’s atmosphere. Then it will be time for me and whatever cute little baby girls are lucky enough to join me to restart the human race. Game. Set. Match.


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