Kaepernick And Wilson Put It All On The Line For Next Sunday’s Game With Awesome Bet

Posted: September 10, 2013 by woody in Actual News, Fun, NFL, Sports
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I just read an article that further explained the bet that Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick made on this coming Sunday Night Football game. This EA Sports promotional video will give you an idea of whats at stake.


You have to fucking love this. Two of the young stud’s in today’s game just making boss moves left and right. As if their wasn’t enough riding on this week 2 match up, 1st place in the division, bragging rights, most likely #1 spot in the power rankings…now they have this. Loser has to shave one of his eyebrows. Probably nothing more embarrassing than having only one eyebrow. Guarantee that the guy who has to play the next couple games with one eyebrow takes a serious hit to his confidence and, in turn, makes his team struggle. I would bet the house on on San Fransisco taking that game too. Kaepernick has as high of a ceiling as anyone in the game, and Seattle looked less than stellar against the Panthers a couple days ago. Doesn’t bode very well for Russell Wilson’s eyebrows, or his teams success for the next few weeks. We need more shit like this in sports, these guys get it. Bravo Wilson and Kaepernick. Bravo.

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