Best Free Throw Routine You’ll Ever See….Take Notes Dwight Howard

Posted: September 10, 2013 by woody in Fun, Sports
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Everyone has their own free throw routine. I dribble once then spin the ball in my hand. Jason Kidd blows a kiss. Gilbert Arenas spun the ball around his waist. Van Exel insisted on shooting as far back from the free throw line as possible for no reason at all. Karl Malone used every nano-second of the 10 second limit. Wilt Chamberlain used to say fuck it and just dunk it from the free throw line, until they told him, “you can’t do that. Everyone else is white. That’s not fair”. Well, now we have Jhong Hilario, a Filipino actor and dancer, who was playing in a local charity game. He takes a couple dribbles to collect himself, takes a deep breath, and, well, why don’t you just take a look for yourselves.


That should just about do it. Fucking back flips at the free throw line like it ain’t no thing. I could care less that he used the backboard on a free throw. He did a back flip. That should count as at least 10 points. AT LEAST. So here is my challenge to Dwight Howard to improve upon his horrendous free thrwo percentage. Start doing back flips bro. Figure it out.


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