Kate Upton Wins “Model Of The Year” Award…..Shocker

Posted: September 3, 2013 by woody in Actual News, Fun
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So news broke yesterday that Kate Upton, aka “Best Boobies In The Universe”, took home “Model of the Year” honors…not that that should come as a surprise to anyone. This woman is god’s gift to boob men across every nation. I’ve always been an ass man myself, but every time I see a picture of Upton I find myself second guessing myself on something that absolutely should not be second guessed. That says an awful lot for her glorious rack. Let’s take a look back at some of the pictures that led to Kate Upton winning this prestigious award.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


God damn. The things I would do to disappoint her in the sack….and as if that wasn’t enough for you guys, I’ll leave y’all with this little gem. (the sound is fucked up, but I would just mute it anyways and sit back and stare in awe)



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