New Study Shows That Men Think A Full PJ Set Is The Sexiest Thing A Woman Can Wear To Bed…..Wait What?

Posted: August 29, 2013 by woody in Actual News, Fun
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Ok, so normally I try to avoid writing about shit that Barstool writes about, but I saw this earlier and I actually agreed with everything that was said, so I felt that I had to speak on it. First, who in the hell did they poll in this survey? 10-year-olds? There is absolutely zero chance that the majority of men think full pjs are the sexiest thing a woman can wear to bed. I’m pretty sure if you Google image search “sexy girls”, there’s not going to be a bunch of pictures of women wearing full pjs. And by pretty sure, I mean that I just did that and there’s not a full pj set in sight. What you do see, however, is a bunch of women in lingerie, the answer that everyone would think men would say. Now, I’m no scientist, but there’s about four things I know in life 1) booty shorts and a wife beater are by far the sexiest thing a woman can wear to bed 2) there’s no way that “nothing” should be last on this list 3) any grown man who actually wears a onesie to bed is a fucking dweeb. There’s no way women actually answered that 4) sleeping butt ass naked is the most liberating thing you can do, that’s why winners do it. Moral of the story is that this poll has to be made up, because none of the answers make any sense whatsoever.




Booty shorts for the undeniable win


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