Sea Monster Washes Up On Beach In Spain

Posted: August 22, 2013 by woody in Actual News, Fun
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Alright, your guy’s guess is as good as mine with this thing. I have absolutely no clue, and apparently scientists are just as baffled as me. Some woman discovered the head on the beach, then later found the rest of the body a little bit further down the beach. The body had been pretty decomposed by the time it was discovered, so no one really knows what the hell it is. It stretches over 13 feet though. Officials said if they were able to test the bones, then maybe they could have a better idea of what it is, but that the test is “expensive, and who would pay for it”. Hey idiots, I’m pretty sure you could use some tax payer’s dollars to find out if sea dragons or Loch Ness Monsters or water dinosaurs or aquatic aliens are swimming around in the ocean near beaches. That seems like it would be a pretty important thing to know.


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