Hey Wilt. You’re really fucking tall bro. Like are you fucking kidding me? 4th grade? PAH! Dude’s gotta be pushing 6’6. Fucking incredible. I would be willing to bet that he was already in triple digits at the time of this photo. And if you don’t know what I mean about triple digits, I’m referring to the incredulous claim that Wilt made back in the day, saying that he’s had sex with over 25,000 women. Just to give you an idea on what exactly that would mean, Wilt lived to be 63. That’s roughly 23,000 days. So that would mean he would have to have sex with AT LEAST on different woman every day of his life, and then throw in 5 1/2 years of having sex with 2 different woman in the same day. I would have a very tough time believing that if it were anyone else in the world, but my dude scored 100 fucking points in one game. So who’s to say he didn’t bang 100 different women in one day? I ain’t hating. Do your thing Wilt, do your thing. Bro wasn’t called “the stilt” for nothing.


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