Skyzoo – Written In The Drums

Posted: August 21, 2013 by woody in Artist of the Week, Music
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Another straight jam from Skyzoo. Falling more in love with this guy every time I stumble upon a song I hadn’t heard before. This one is off of The Great Debater. Love how for half the video he’s just kicking it rooftop with a dude on the drums and a dude on the horns. In the third verse he says, “see its already written in the flow, a little different this time. but the wizardry that lyrically assembled this line. its like if im selling foams like you could get these on the go, in a weather 20 low, and they aint scheduled till july. and if you figured out that line, then you resemble what resides within the souls of these foams, the worries and the strive”. Aka he’s referring to how people stand in line for hours for the new Foamposites, when you could buy them straight from him, because he gets them and starts selling them six months prior. 6 months prior to July is January, when the weather’s cold, aka “20 low”. Dude is just on another level with some of his shit.


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