Two Jay Electronica Sightings In One Week?…YUP

Posted: August 20, 2013 by woody in Music
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Fucking love this. Considering the most mysterious man in the world has shown up on two separate tracks in the last week, I think it’s safe to say that it’s time for him to show himself to the world. With news of his album being in the final stage, and he himself tweeting “ok, now its my turn. lets go” after Yeezus and Magna Carta Holy Grail were both released, I have to think that it’s safe to say his album is on the way. We can only hope. In the mean time, sit back and allow Phonte, Rapsody, and the one and only Jay Electricity serenade you with some sweet 16s, because this is real hip hop, and this is what the world needs.


Side note: When Jay came on and started his verse like, “its a roc nation, jay electronic extravaganza. the fans need an oxygen mask for every stanza” I was just like…




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