Papoose Goes In On “Control”

Posted: August 16, 2013 by woody in Music
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Ok I lied. Just heard this response and had to speak on it before I head into work. It was a two man race between Joell and Cassidy for best response yet, but I think Papoose just took the lead. He doesn’t stop at just going at Kendrick, he goes at a bunch of rap’s big names. I was honestly waiting for Pap’s response, because he is one of those dudes who has always had incredible talent but has remained in the streets because he doesn’t give a fuck about the music industry. And, being from New York, I knew that he would have something to say about Kendrick claiming that he was the king of a city he isn’t even from. When he said “that little bitch you fucking told me why she missing your calls, she said your dick was so little that you piss on your balls” I spit out my Budweiser and I’m drinking Absinthe. Anyways, off to work. Much love for all y’all.

  1. Agreed he has defiantly taken the lead… this has to be reflagged! Thank you.

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