The Best Wiffle Ball Catch You’ll See Today

Posted: August 12, 2013 by woody in Fun, Sports
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So that was a great catch. Ironically enough, this was a charity event to help raise money for spinal chord research, and I’m pretty sure that kid is going to need every bit of the $500,000 they raised for the research in order to fix whatever he just did to himself while making that terrific catch. On another note, that “Little Fenway” is fucking awesome. Even has the CITGO sign over the Green Monster. The beauty is in the details baby. I need a legit Wiffle Ball field in my front yard and I needed it yesterday. Enough of this bullshit “over the stone wall is a home run” bullshit. I want a legit field. Stadium seating. Beer vendors. Guys yelling out “Cracker Jacks Here”. The whole shebang.


PS – Sorry for the video quality, you can thank stupid YouTube for that. Also, my apologies for the retards they pass off as “news anchors”. God I hate people sometimes.


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