New Artist of the Week: Tech N9ne

Posted: August 12, 2013 by woody in Artist of the Week, Music
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Well that was a good month or so break. But now I’m fresh off a wonderful, rejuvenating vacation and ready to get back to doing the damn thing. Best way to do that is get right into some dope music. I’ve been a fan of Tech for a while now, for the most part at least. There is some of his shit I just really would prefer to not listen to, but that’s just because some of the beats he hops on aren’t exactly my shit. Regardless of that though, his lyrical ability has never been in question. Dude can flat out spit. And he’s one weird ass fucking dude, and I love that. It’s always good to hear someone putting out musical that is just different then all the same shit you hear everyday on the Maroon 5, I mean radio. Also, seeing as Tech just dropped his new CD, Something Else, on July 30th, I figured it would be rather appropriate to feature him this week. So to start it off, we’re gonna go with my favorite song of his new CD, “Fragile”, which features a great chorus sung by Kendall Morgan and Mayday, and a verse by one of my favorites, Kendrick Lamar. I can’t get enough of this song. Such a great beat, so much raw emotion. Sit back and enjoy some real music folks.


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