16-Month-Old Baby Elizabeth Is A Boss

Posted: July 2, 2013 by woody in Fun
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I guess a lot of people are flipping out about this video. Two things. One: mind your own fucking business. Two: Don’t be such a pussy. Look. Life is an experiment. It is full of trial and error. The only way you can learn to do something is by physically doing it. Sometimes that involves failure. But almost all of the time it eventually leads to success. Everyone’s freaking out because the baby is in the pool alone. Well, if you take the time to think instead of being a complete jackass then you would realize that life guards aren’t in the pool when they are watching people swim, because it is way easier to jump in to save someone rather then start from in the pool. So if the baby were ever in trouble, it would take no time for the parents to save her. Regardless of what other people think, this is fucking sick. That baby is just frolicking around in the pool like she’s Michael Phelps’ daughter. Everyone needs to pipe down and appreciate the fact that this baby is killing it in the pool before some babies can run without falling down all the time.

  1. […] need to get their shit together. I have been swimming since I was like 3. Last year I wrote about a 16-month-old baby who could swim. Little baby Elizabeth is doing backstrokes like it ain’t no thang and you’re going to […]

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