Aaron Gordon Absolutely CRAMS On Some Dude

Posted: June 19, 2013 by woody in Sports
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I know its the day before probably the most anticipated Game 7 in recent memory, between the Spurs and the Heat, but I’d like to take the time out to give you guys a little preview of what we will be seeing all season long in college ball next year in Arizona. As many talking points as there are about last nights game, and as badly as I would like to put my two cents in, I will save it for the series recap. Anyways, a look into the future. Meet Aaron Gordon. 6’8 forward, number 3 overall on Rivals.com, incoming Arizona Wildcats freshman, and many people’s favorite to take home Freshman of the Year next year. I don’t know who the idiot is in the video I’m about to show you who thought he was going to disrupt this play, but RIP homie. Because you are dead. This is a highlight from the USA Basketball U19 World Championship Training Camp, in which Gordon catches an alley from a teammate and jumps out of the building to throw it down on his poor, unsuspecting opponent.


If you pause it at the right time you will notice that his head is clearly above the rim. Those are some fucking bunnies. Maybe a young Blake Griffin in the making? He is a halfy (not sure if that’s exactly PC but we’ll go with it). He is freakishly athletic. Not sure how funny is, but the similarities are there. You tell me.



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