I can’t believe that I can even have this as a throwback track but its almost been 10 years now since this amazing CD came out, so I think that counts. It blows my mind that its been 10 years since College Dropout first came out. I remember buying that CD at the music store like it was yesterday. Listening to it in my Walkman day and night until I memorized every word on the album. One of my favorite albums of all time for sure. Back when Kanye wasn’t on all the bull shit music he makes today. Don’t get me wrong, I like some of his newer shit, musically he is a very talented individual and he is definitely on some other shit, but College Dropout was by far his best hip hop album. So for the throwback track, I picked my favorite track off of the album, “All Falls Down”. Not only is this my favorite song on the album, its also my favorite song Kanye has ever put out, and it has one of my favorite lines of all time by anyone, “She’s so precious with the peer pressure. Couldn’t afford a car, so she named her daughter Alexis”. The Alexis/a lexus play on words is superb. And on top of this being my favorite Kanye song with my favorite Kanye line, it is also accompanied by my favorite Kanye music video, and one of the best videos of all time in my opinion. Just an all around classic on our hands this week folks. I would have just thrown the original track up here so it would be unedited but the music video is that good that I don’t care if its edited. Stacey Dash looking fine as hell as always playing the role of Kanye’s girlfriend, doing the damn thing in that dress (notice the nipples when Kanye hands her the cash at the beginning). My favorite part is when Kanye hops on the conveyer belt and you get the x-ray image of him going through. If you pay attention you’ll notice the mouth moving matches up damn near perfectly with the lyrics, and the hand motions and mannerisms match Kanye’s personality perfectly. And of course the cameo by Common at the end to top the whole thing off. Just an A++ effort on everyone’s part. I love this song. You should as well.



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