Chael Sonnen Calls Lebron A “Dork”

Posted: June 13, 2013 by woody in Fun, Sports
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HAHAHAHA. If you’re wondering who the fuck Chael Sonnen is, don’t worry, you aren’t alone. I guess he’s some UFC fighter, and seeing as he has lost his last two fights I’m assuming he isn’t that good of one. Now, aside from the fact that he referred to Lebron as a dork, which I absolutely love because there’s really nothing more degrading then someone calling a grown man a dork, or a nerd, or corny, or a dweeb, or any of those insults that back in the day you couldn’t ever come back from after being called. You can call me a fucking asshole piece of shit worthless dickhead and I wouldn’t take any offense whatsoever but if someone called me a dork I would be fucking heated. But anyways, aside from that, this guy Chael is a fucking idiot. His whole rant about how its not a world championship if you win the NBA title because its played in America so its a national title? Hey retard. The NBA is made up of the best players in the world. THE WORLD. Look at the Spurs. 6 foreign born players on that squad. You think the Heat aren’t defending world champs because they didn’t beat the Sri Lankan national team? Kick rocks bro. And then at the end when he called Ray Lewis a nerd and said he would slap him if he saw him? Dude I don’t care if you’re a UFC fighter, I would never want to fight anyone in the UFC but calling Ray Lewis a nerd and saying you’d slap him if you ever saw him is probably not the best move. Ray Lewis would eat you. Literally eat you. But anyways, thanks to this random guy for giving me some good laughs for a few minutes. Carry on.

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