Posted: June 11, 2013 by woody in Music
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Nothing, and I mean NOTHING gets me more excited then hearing a new Jay Electronica verse. This guy is a god damn genius. The most mysterious man in the world. He could be a God for all I know. He just shows up out of no where, drops a verse on the world, then poof. He’s gone for the next few months. Unbelievable. Harry Houdini wouldn’t have shit on Jay Elec. And he is popping up on one of the last places I would have guessed he would, on a Mac Miller track. I have mixed feelings about Mac, some of his shit I like, some of it I hate, but the fact that he gets so much love from some of the legends in hip hop, and now coupled with the fact that God himself deemed him worthy of sharing verses with, I gotta be sold on him. Big ups Mac. This beat is so eerily great. And only Jay Electronica would be on a song called, “Suplexes Inside of Complexes and Duplexes”. No one else could ever be on a song called that. So, without further adieu, here it is:


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