Chicago Woman Arrested 396 Times Since 1978

Posted: June 11, 2013 by woody in Actual News
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Well if this doesn’t sum up America nowadays then I don’t know what will. This bitch has been arrested 396 times since 1978 by the Chicago Police alone, mostly on the North Side, under at least 83 different aliases. Those arrests include 92 for theft, 65 for disorderly conduct, 59 for prostitution-related crimes and five for robbery or attempted robbery. As Officer Tom Rolon of Chicago PD, who knows Miles all too well because he’s seen her more times than he can count, drunk, half-naked, cursing and lunging at another woman with a dinner fork, etc. described it, “Miles is a master at working the system. She fakes seizures that mean costly hospital visits. She gets judges to delay her cases. And then she returns to the streets to be arrested again and again, so many times that she ranks in the top 1 percent for all current CPD arrestees”. Just another classic case of some dead beat who keeps getting let back on to the streets. This is why I always wished there was some real life Dexter out there to just rid the world of scum bags like this. Honestly, I can’t even hate on this woman, as despicable of a human being she is, I think its even more the systems fault for allowing someone like this to be arrested almost 400 fucking times over the last few decades with basically no repercussions. It doesn’t make any sense. The law is so ass backwards these days, it lets people like this roam the streets at night while cops chase 17 years olds down for smoking a joint or having a beer. Figure it the fuck out America.


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