Bill Belichick Shows Us Once Again Why He’s Bill Belichick

Posted: June 11, 2013 by woody in NFL, Sports
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Tim Tebow to the fucking Pats huh. What an unbelievable turn of events. Talk about coming out of no where. And, like basically every decision Belichick has made since the turn of the millennium, I absolutely love it. This is the definition of a win-win scenario. Worst case scenario, he doesn’t take the field for a single play and ends up getting cut. The full details of his contract have yet to be released, but I’m sure at the price they got him they won’t take  a hit financially. Best case scenario, Belichick is able to tap into the full potential of Tebow’s skill set, he learns under one of the greatest Qbs of all time in Tom Brady, and when that time comes for Brady to retire, which I have a feeling isn’t too far down the road, they already have a young, hard working guy to take the reins who knows the system. Brady will do wonders for Tebow. Realistically, it will probably be something in between the two of those extreme scenarios, but regardless, Tebow will be utilized. Belichick isn’t the type of guy to get someone for no reason at all. There is always an agenda. Whatever happens, I can guarantee one thing right now. Tim Tebow will score at least 3 TDs verse the Jets next season. No doubt about it. Mark it down. Bet the house on it. Love this signing.



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