HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. What a fucking boss. Love this guy. Just a no nonsense dude who doesn’t give two shits about what the media has to say. Exactly what sports should be about. Don’t need all these fucking nerds asking obvious questions all the time. Its so stupid. Good to have guys like Pop to straighten these assholes out. Top 5 facials:

5) Pop – “How can you be that professional in a suit that looks like that”    Sager – “Well I know you didn’t get much sleep last night, you’re just trying to break things up..”    Pop – “Maybe I’m not seeing the color correctly”

4) Michele – “Gregg Popovich, uh, 4 of 22 shooting so far on offense for you guys, what’s the problem?”    Pop – “Well, they didn’t go in the hole”

3) Pop talking to his team – “Next guy that misses a free throw is gonna buy me a new car”   PAH!

2) Sager – “Well coach, defensively you held Miami to 13 points that quarter, 7 turnovers vs. 5 field goals, what was the key?”     Pop – “I think they were looking at your suit”

1) Random reporter – “Champ, tell me about your fiery frankel(?) file, the uh, Parisian Torpedo, Tony Parker. Can he continue to be your main butter and egg man and still cook the boys from Big D?”       Pop – “Am I being punked or something?”   HAHAHAHA. I spit out my Harpoon Summer and I’m drinking Surge when he said that.


Fucking unbelievable. Pop. Gotta love him.


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