Andrea Sanderlin. Another power move on the day. Nothing hotter than a soccer mom with a secret sophisticated operation to grow and process marijuana. Absolutely NOTHING. Except maybe Brittany Furlan. She’s my future wife. I’m literally in love with her. Anyways, according to DEA Special Agent David Lee, “Agents discovered two separate rooms constructed within the warehouse designed to grow marijuana. Each room contained state of the art lighting, irrigation and ventilation systems to facilitate growing the marijuana. The warehouse was filled with over $3 million worth of hydroponic marijuana and the organization covertly produced nearly 3,000 marijuana plants”. Fuck yea. That’s the type of shit I’m talking about. A woman who knows how to get shit done. On some real shit though, who the fuck cares some 45-Year-Old supposed smokeshow single mom is growing some weed on the side. It’s going to be legal everywhere soon enough and it should have been legal fucking years ago. Actually, it should have never been illegal in the first place. More people die a year from coconuts falling out of trees than from Marijuana. More people die from donkeys every year than from Marijuana. More people die doing simple every day tasks than die from Marijuana. Want to know why? Because its LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE to die directly from Marijuana. Fucking America. Figure it out Obama. I know you smoke the reefer.


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