New Artist of the Week – J. Cole

Posted: June 4, 2013 by woody in Artist of the Week, Music
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I was looking back at all my past featured artists and realized that somehow I never have had J. Cole as Artist of the Week. This came as a bit of a shock to me because in terms of guys who have been consistently putting out a lot of music over the last 5 years, Cole would probably be in my top 3, along with Blu and Kendrick. No disrespect to anyone else, but those 3 dudes write some of the most relatable shit that I’ve ever heard, and they are the ones who have been putting out the most amount of music over the last few years. Also, with Born Sinner coming out on June 18th now, as opposed to previous reports that said it will be coming out on the 25th, I feel that J. Cole is an appropriate artist to have featured, as I will be able to give you a sample of what in my educated opinion is his best shit before his sophomore album debuts. So it all works out. First up is my personal favorite song off of his debut album, Cole World: The Sideline Story, titled “Sideline Story”. Love the video on this one, you get a good idea of the type of dude Cole is, from when he’s on stage in front of fans, to just kicking it with the homies, to being along in front of the camera.  The chorus on this just speaks to me on some real shit. “Hey I’mma put us all on the map. I’m gone and I ain’t lookin back. I know they gonna feel it like they tank on E. I promise baby you can bet the bank on me. Cuz ain’t nobody gonna tell me what I ain’t gonna be no more. You thinkin I’mma fall, don’t be so sure. I wish somebody made guidelines, on how to get up off the sidelines”.



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