Apparently I’ve Been Playing Monopoly Wrong My Entire Life

Posted: May 30, 2013 by woody in Fun
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Don’t even know how this made Yahoo! stories but I guess I’m glad it did because I had no idea that this was a rule in Monopoly. Absolute game changer when you think about it. Throughout the entire course of the game, if someone lands on a property that is unowned, and that person opts not to purchase said property, then it immediately goes up for auction for all the other players in the game. Auctioning can start at any price, and players begin bidding back and forth to acquire said property. I don’t know anyone who has actually went through the rule book and read it because everyone always has all their own rules all the time and people don’t read anymore anyways. But I am pumped for the next time I play Monopoly because, like I said, this is an absolute game changer of a rule. Should speed things up too for a game that takes at least 2 hours every time its played. Shout out to Monopoly though, easily top 5 board games, maybe even top 3. Now that I think of it, I should get around to making a top 10 board games list. Soon to follow folks.



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