Wale ft. Joe Budden – Tito Santana

Posted: May 28, 2013 by woody in Artist of the Week, Music
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Didn’t really get around to putting up many songs last week so I figured I’d just carry over the artist for this week. This song is off of his mixtape Back to the Feature which is produced entirely by 9th Wonder and is a hell of a mixtape. Each song has a feature from a different artist, hence the title, and they’re all bangers. Wale said, “I’m wale, the new nigga on the block. see my jeans are hella cost, I got a couple knots, see. How the beat get ate off. Acquire my scratch, n I ain’t have to use a 8 ball”. Hella cost =holocaust, knots see = natzi, ate off = Adolf. That’s unreal wordplay right there as is, then finished is it off with the scratch and 8 ball metaphor, scratch referring to money and what you do in pool when you hit the 8 ball in, but then the 8 ball also refers to the fact that he didn’t have to sell coke to get where he is. This guy is truly an impressive talent so I’m really looking forward to The Gifted to see if he finally gets back to the poetic shit he used to be on.


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