Albemarle Dad Shoot Daughter’s Laptop After Facebook Rant

Posted: May 28, 2013 by woody in Actual News, Fun
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So I guess this story is about a year old, but I had never heard of it when I stumbled upon this video today so I’m putting it up here because I think it is awesome. Before I saw this, I thought Dusty Baker was the coolest man in the world today, but now he is second coolest to this guy. Here’s the video.


Literally just sums up everything that is wrong with kids these days. They think they have shit bad and they have no fucking idea what it used to be like or what its like all around the world. Everyone is a spoiled little bitch who thinks they’re shit doesn’t stink because of all the “swag” they have. I’m astonished when I meet people and see what their at home life is like and how it involves doing NOTHING to help their family out. I’m not claiming to be some saint or anything like that, but I do a lot around my house and you never hear me bitching and moaning about it. Or asking to get paid for it. Nothing like that. I can’t even fully blame the kids though because A) the society we live in is the reason why they’re like that and B) they don’t have parents who can be a good role model and prepare them for real life. I really wish there were more people like this guy out there showing their spoiled kids what life is really about. My favorite part of the video is towards the end when he’s like, “that right there is your laptop. you see its out here on the ground. this right here, is my 45”. Then just starts blasting rounds into the thing. That’s a true American right there folks. Cheers.


By the way, I went to the Facebook link, and this got 107,736 likes and 47,127 comments and is still getting likes and comments to this day, more than a year later. Gotta love it.


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