Some Bro Casually Kills Python In Florida That Just Happens To Be The Largest In State History

Posted: May 21, 2013 by woody in Actual News, Fun
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“Hey man, how was your night?”

“Oh you know, same old shit. Went to the bar for a bit spent too much money and went home to sleep. What about you?”

“Yea same here. Oh except when I was driving home I saw 3 feet of snake protruding from a bush so I decided to yank it out into the street and it tried to kill me so then I killed it.”


This is exactly how I picture Jason Leon’s conversation going with one of his friends the next day. Like whats up dude? He was literally just driving home minding his own business when he saw a snake in a bush so he slammed on the breaks and decided to fuck with it. Except that 3 ft long snake turned into a 18 ft 8 inch, 128 pound Burmese Python. Naturally, the snake was a little perturbed about being bothered at night, so he started wrapping himself around Jason, in attempt to literally crush him to death. But good old Jason was ready, knife in hand. And he proceeded to stab/cut/slice his way to victory. Just your casual ride home at night. This python was over a foot bigger than the previous state record. Take a look for yourself.



Touche Jason Leon. Tou-fuckin-che.


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