Well, went 4 for 4 in the second round. Messed up a little with amount of games it would take. Pacers were able to get it done in 6 instead of 7, Grizzlies were able to win in 5 instead of 6. Definitely thought the Bulls would put up more of a fight, but then again I also didn’t expect for Deng and Hinrich to miss the entire series. Like I said before, their whole team is literally dead. Fuck D Rose for not coming back, especially since he was cleared by doctors like fucking 3 months ago. They needed him. But the Spurs won in 6 so I guess that makes up for it a little. Anyways, onto the final predictions.

Heat vs. Pacers

The Pacers are probably the team with the best chance of keeping that pussy Lebron from winning another ring. And I honestly hope with all my heart that they are able to do so. Because the Heat have become my most hated team in sports over the last few years, passing the Yankees who held that spot my entire life. With the amount of tough, gritty guys the Pacers have, they will be able to give the Heat a ton of trouble defensively, which is incredibly hard to do. With their big men down low in David West and Hibbert, coupled with their All Star Paul George and a breakout performance from Lance “Born Ready” Stevenson and solid play from Hill and Augustin at the point, they are going to make this one hell of a series. I could sit here all day and go on about how much I fucking hate the Heat, but I think I’ve said enough on that. Yea they are the best team in basketball. But they aren’t unbeatable. So the Pacers are going to have to win at least one in Miami to take this series, and I don’t really see them losing at home. Like I said before, they have the best chance out of all the teams left. So stand up Pacer nation. Pacers in 7.


Spurs vs. Grizzlies

Kudos to the Grizz for making it this far. They traded away their “best player” and became a much better team. They have a nice strong, young group of players that will make them a team to be reckoned with for years to come. But just like the Warriors last series vs the Spurs, they’re not going to win this series. Teams have to take steps to get to the top. It doesn’t just happen over night. Yea they beat the Spurs a few years ago in the first round and then forced the Thunder to play game 7, bu I just don’t see that happening again. This might be it for the other “Big Three”, who unlike those assholes in Miami, have stayed together their whole careers and just gotten better and better each year with each other, playing for the best coach in all of sports. And they have one hell of a supporting cast now too. Kawhi Leonard is one hell of a player. He really hasn’t gotten the attention he deserves. I have loved him since day 1 of his career in the NBA. He literally does it all. Defends, scores, rebounds, has handles, shoots, finishes strong. He is going to be a star one day. Too much experience and depth and good coaching for the Spurs to lose to the Grizz again. Spurs in 6.




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