Titus Young Arrested Twice In 15 Hours

Posted: May 8, 2013 by woody in Fun, NFL
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Hey Titus Young. Do less bro. Talk about falling off. This guy was a pretty decent wide receiver less than a year ago, making millions to play professional football. My, how the mighty have fallen. The Lions had released Young after his 2012 campaign for a number of reasons, from sucker punching his teammate in practice, purposely lining up in the wrong place in a game to protest his lack of playing time, being sent home on three different occasions for insubordination, taking to twitter to tell the world how he really feels, and finally, and probably most unbelievable of all, claiming that he was better than Calvin Johnson, who just had arguably the most impressive season by a wide receiver EVER. But whatever, people make mistakes, some other team will probably pick him up right? That is correct…sort of. The Rams picked him up, not too unreasonable given Jeff Fisher’s history of taking gambles on players with off-field troubles. But he was shortly cut from the Rams, which should have been a warning sign for bad things to come. But last Sunday, he definitely took the cake with what he managed to pull off. Young was pulled over shortly after midnight and was arrested for drunk driving. He was later issued a citation and released from custody, but that’s only the beginning. Not even 15 hours later, police got a call from the local tow yard saying that a man just hopped the fence and was in the yard somewhere. Police responded and found Young looking for his black Mustang that police impounded. So police arrested Young AGAIN and took him to THE SAME station to book him for trying to steal his own car. What a fucking IDIOT. Some people just don’t get it. We’ll see ya later Titus Young, be good.


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