Fucking cops man. When I first heard this story yesterday there were all these comments on YouTube about how this kid is being an asshole, little punk, disrespectful etc. etc. How in the flying fuck is that the case? The cop is LITERALLY parking illegally so he can get his iced coffee and a donut. This type of shit happens all the time. You see cops talking on their cell phones driving, parked illegally, speeding, going through red lights when there’s no emergency, the list goes on forever. Just another example of the how fucking bullshit being a cop has become. Used to be these were the guys that were there to protect us and keep us safe. That is hardly the case anymore. 6 out of 10 cops are fucking dick backs who improperly use their authority, 3 out of 10 are crooked as fuck, and maybe 1 out of 10 is genuinely a good cop these days. Figure it out humanity.


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